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Surf Beyond Sight

I found surfing by accident. Five years ago I started adding to my existing martial arts training by training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Studio 540, when it was still Gracie Academy Solana Beach. In 2014, the Surfight crew joined the existingschool, and we became one big jiu jitsu family. In 2016, I quit my job as an access technology specialist to pursue martial arts and adventure living full-time. Within my first week of quitting my job, I went to a Swami’s blind surfing event. In June of 2017, I tried it again, but I almost missed it. I would have, if Joel Tudor, my jiu jitsu coach, wouldn’t have tagged me in a Facebook comment. That second Swami’s blind surfing event is where I caught the attention of Coach Pat Weber of the San Diego Surfing Academy. I had met him at my first event, but I really took his encouragement to pursue competitive surfing to heart after meeting him again.

In August of 2017, two months after the second Swami’s event, Coach Pat got in touch with me and told me he could get me ready for the US Open of Adaptive Surfing. More precisely, “The US Open of Adaptive Surfing is in two months. Register, and I’ll get you ready.” True to his word, Coach Pat got me ready, and I took bronze in my division.

I am now scheduled for five different contests in 2018. The next one is the US Nationals, in just a few short weeks. I also have a contest in August, put on by Access Surf Hawaii as part of Duke’s Oceanfest, the US Open of Adaptive Surfing in early October, an Adaptive Surf League contest in late October, and the ISA World Adaptives in November.

I’m excited for the possibilities. I know I’ll need help. If you want to come along side, you can do one or all of the following.

1. Visit, share, and donate to my cause financially at:

2. Share, like, subscribe, and otherwise give love to any of my social media posts.

3. Hire me to come speak at your event.

4. Have me as a guest on your podcast, TV show, radio show, etc.

5. Pay it forward. If someone has done good for you, do good for someone else.