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Antibiotic Fueled Musings

Nothing gives me a better sense of purpose than training, teaching, and discovering life’s truths through martial arts. I am not the most accomplished martial artist I have ever known. That’s pretty easily stated, as I have had the honor of meeting countless masters over my short career. I’m not even the most decorated with regard to competition. I have won a handful of kata and self-defense trophies and medals, but I have yet to win a single jiu jitsu or judo competition. The medals I have earned in grappling competitions are because there were 3 or less in my division. That said, I don’t care about that, not in the larger scope anyway.
Martial arts mastery is a marathon, not a sprint. Sure, I have goals, and I would like to accomplish them, especially some significant success in jiu jitsu and judo competition. That being said, I am grateful for the experiences I have had, and I hope to help others through martial arts for many years to come.
The preceding chain of thoughts started this morning. I’m currently on antibiotics, and my energy level is low. When I get this way, I think and day dream even more than normal. The chain of thoughts continued further:
Some people dream of a big house with lots of cars and a home theater system. I dream of a modest home and private dojo, near trees and nature, in short walking distance to the ocean and/or surfing. Fitness equipment like kettle bells, battle ropes, a salmon ladder, a rowing machine, treadmil, and eliptical machine. Heavy bags and a speed bag. Makiwara boards and wooden dummies. High ceilings, to allow for use of long staves and naginatas. A small room set aside for meditation and prayer. An outdoor garden that is set aside for reflection, near where people can practice tai chi and other internal arts close to nature.
I don’t care if I am the most famous. I don’t care if I am the best. I just want to be better, and to keep going. Whether this dream of a place to train and teach those who want to learn from me is metaphorical or literal, the dojo, and the place where I study the way of life set out before me, will forever be in my heart. I am forever imperfect, striving for constant improvement, grateful for the grace God and humanity has shown me, despite my failings and rough edges.
Osu! ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿฝ 

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