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Gratitude Post – The Flores Brothers

Today I am thankful for Jacob Flores and Justin Flores. It is their instruction at Studio 540 which has most helped me to better understand judo. I took my first class with them a little less than a year ago. In a couple weeks it will be 11 months since my very first judo class.

That first class, I was already exhausted from the jiu jitsu class taught by David Reed. I was catching my breath from my last roll and the push-ups David had us do at the end. Then, I hear Justin’s voice. “Judo in 3 minutes!” I thought to myself, “Uh… uh… uh… ok…” Then I firmed my resolve. I wanted to pass out from the warm-ups alone, but I stuck with it through that first day, being thoroughly confused and thinking that my prior martial arts training wasn’t helping me in the slightest.

For the first few months, I was only doing judo once a week. Then, I started coming to the other 2 classes at 540. At Justin and Jacob’s encouragement, I started getting extra judo training at San-Shi Judo Club. Mostly randori on Monday and Wednesday nights. They told me they used to train there back in the day. After training with the guys at San Shi, I can understand why they recommended it.

I’m still learning judo. It’s a slow burn to be sure. I am grateful for Justin and Jacob’s help and encouragement. Thank you Coaches. I have definitely appreciated learning from you.

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