The Ideal of a Servant Warrior

Powerful and selfless. This is the ideal. It is not a destination at which to arrive. It is a compass heading. A direction to go. It is something I strive for each and every day; though, there are some days where I fall profoundly short of this goal.

Most people I have met fall into one of the following categories.

Storm Tossed – They are ruled by their emotions and circumstances. They lack both power and are selfish.

Warlord – They are powerful and selfish. This can be very effective for short term gain, but it frequently causes long-term damage to personal relationships.

Servant – Powerless and selfless. Incredibly kind, placing others before themselves, but lacking the necessary power to effect significant change.

Servant Warrior – Powerful and selfless. Possessing the strength necessary to make choosing peace a virtue. Kind and selfless, placing others ahead of one’s own needs.

There are days in which I experience elements of each, but it is the ideal of the servant warrior to which I strive. It is my hope that more people can work towards this. If I am strong and selfless, and you are strong and selfless, we both win. If I can help you experience more of this ideal of powerful selflessness, than I am fulfilling my purpose for existence. Please help me in this by striving to be your best in all you do, by showing kindness at every opportunity, and by facing your fear with an adventurer’s mind.

Many teachers have influenced this personal philosophy. Chief among them is my friend Soke-Shihan Scot Conway, Founder of the Guardian Martial Arts and Senior Master Instructor at Guardian Quest Martial Arts in Spring Valley, California. while Master Conway has not been my only teacher, the life lessons of Guardian Kempo continue to influence how I live my life, even as I learn from others and train in other arts.