How You Can Help

There are multiple ways you can help my personal efforts, as well as the Adventuremind movement as a whole.


1. You can donate to my competition and training expenses by visiting my Go Fund Me Page (The current link goes to the campaign for 2018, but all donations received via this link will b used to finance competition and training camps for 2019):


2. You can send a one time Pay Pal donation to help with ongoing expenses:


If you are interested in contributing financially, but you require a tax deductible donation receipt, you may inquire about this via the contact information below.


3. You may book me to address a group of any size by calling 619-273-3657 or emailing


4. If you are in the San Diego County area, you can come train at the dojo I run with my wife, Andrea. For more information about this, please visit: